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Over time, many terms have been created and adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the specialty coffee industry. One of these terms is micro lot, which is used by many members of the coffee industry to refer to small, exclusive, and traceable lots of coffee. However, there’s still some confusion as to what exactly defines the term.

Coffee communities around the world have been greatly impacted by closures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19, and we are watching with great concern as it begins to reach coffee-growing communities. In each case, the precarious position of laborers, from baristas to pickers and packers, has never been more apparent.

There are a number of different roast defects which can affect the flavour of your coffee. You might taste the burnt and ashy flavours of scorched coffee, or maybe even oaty and bread-like notes of baked coffee. 

Stefan Kuhnigk loves really good coffee. And he loves cartoons. Chance (in the form of spilt coffee), spontaneous inspiration, and his artistic skills have induced him to combine the two together and use this to create wholly wonderful creatures: his little monsters. The coffee monsters.

Do you have a go-to brewing method that you use every time? A standard order at your local coffee shop? Many of us decide on a type of coffee we like and stick to it. But maybe it’s time to switch it up and become more adventurous.

How do minerals influence the taste of coffee ? Do water treatment substances influence the taste of coffee ? Is it possible to taste organic substances in coffee ? 

A Bourbon variety coffee plant can be traced back thousands of years to a single ‘super parent’ plant, according to new research.

Only one more day to participate in the
@WCoffeeResearch (WCR) Agricultural Research Priorities Survey! Learn more and take the survey here.

The Bialetti 6 Cup Ceramic Pourover, which is expected to be available this summer. All images courtesy of Bradshaw Home.

In light of coffee event cancelation across the globe, industry pros are coming together to speak on livestream video panels - free of charge !

Cliquez pour lire plus sur la promotion de Janvier 2020 !!

Jonathan Gagné uses his own scientific background to better understand coffee brewing by publishing experiments on his blog Cofee Ad Astra.

Dans cet article vous trouverez des explications plus détaillées sur les trois grands processus de comment travailler le café. 

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